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Say hello to a better lifestyle when you join JC School of Jiu-Jitsu in Belton, Texas. We take pride in providing you skills that go beyond competitive grappling. Our Jiu-Jitsu training classes are structured to instill you with strength, determination, and improved character. Martial arts training is more than just fitness and self-defense. It enhances daily life for children, adults, and even seniors. All it takes is one class at JC School of Jiu-Jitsu to ignite your passion and to discover your full potential. We’ll equip you with the foundational skills you need to succeed in life. Start your journey of self-improvement today!

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JC School Of Jiu-Jitsu

About Us:

JC School of Jiu-Jitsu’s team of instructors is composed of devoted world champions. We’re committed to BJJ and creating strong, well-rounded martial artists. What starts off as an extracurricular becomes a desire for a better lifestyle. We welcome everyone into our family and our home away from home. Even parents of students will be inspired to join BJJ classes to support their children. The enthusiastic atmosphere is contagious and unlike any other martial arts academy.

We teach Jiu-Jitsu to ensure that the values learned extend to daily life. Succeeding on the mats translates to success in your future as well. You gain a view on how to respect yourself and the world around you. This paves the way for better interpersonal skills and confidence in situations that may require self-defense. JC School of Jiu-Jitsu strives to constantly improve our methods as our students strive to be stronger individuals in the face of adversity.

Our History:

JC School of Jiu-Jitsu owner Jason Colbath met head instructor Jaime Canuto in California at an IBJJF Worlds Championship where their friendship bloomed quickly. Their shared passion for Jiu-Jitsu led them to train their families and eventually open their academy in central Texas in February 2022. Jason’s goal isn’t focused on dominating the entire martial arts industry but rather providing a safe space to practice top quality Jiu-Jitsu in the small town of Belton. Our devotion and community support brings us together to thrive in life and competition. No matter where you stand, we’ll take you where you need to be!

Why It's Important

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JC School of Jiu-Jitsu athletes are motivated and enthusiastic when they step on the mats. We’re not just a BJJ academy, we’re a family that uplifts each other.

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The good character you’ll learn from your BJJ instructors will make you a more virtuous individual.

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Our passion for Jiu-Jitsu is contagious. You’ll be motivated to be accountable and persevere through hardships for the sake of your growth.

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Discover leadership skills and confidence when you take JC School of Jiu-Jitsu classes.

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You will become stronger through Jiu-Jitsu training – not just physically, but mentally too. It all works together so you’re in tune with mind, body, and spirit.

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